Things To Do For 2014!

We always try and set some good resolutions for ourselves around the bank. Some that continue to pop up are ways that we can not only improve our business and how we serve you all, our customers, but ways that we can simply just improve ourselves as professionals.

We came across a great list of questions you can ask yourself when it comes to preparing you and your business for 2014.


1. Reflect

How many times a day do you just sit back and look at what you’ve accomplished, or not accomplished across the last week, last month, last quarter, or even the day before. This year, ask yourself the following questions:

What did I do to most contribute to my successes?
What did I do to most contribute to my failures?
What would I do differently given the same set of circumstances?
Who were the people worthy of my time and effort?
With whom did I spend time where I received no value?
In what ways did I not measure up to my potential?
What will I most fondly remember about 2013?
For what will I be rightly proud?

2. Repent

We can’t be on top of everything all the time. There will be times when a phone call didn’t get made, or an email didn’t get sent. Forgive yourself. But don’t excuse yourself. Make plans to take action. Ask yourself the following questions and take appropriate action.

What are the areas I need to improve?
Who have I hurt and how can I rectify the situation?
Who and what are truly important and worthy of my dedicated attention in 2014?

3. Renew

We want you to go into this new year asking yourself how you, your business, your employees can be better and more focused on doing the right things. Sometimes that comes from seeking outside advice. Sometimes it means making some hard changes. Ask yourself these questions as your write your strategic goals for 2014.

Who will be my inspiration this year?
What new adventures are ahead?
Where are the new lessons to learn?
How will I be able to contribute in a significant manner?

We’ve enjoyed serving you and your financial needs this year. It’s been a great year. But 2014 is going to be even better as we renew and revive the ways we communicate with you about your business and your personal finance needs.

We are always just a phone call away.