Southern States Featured Business -Ankerpak

“Ankerpak’s innovations are not in the products that we make they are in the process and services that we provide to our customers.” John Anker, President.

A little about Ankerpak.

Ankerpak is a solutions company offering manufacturing, packaging, and distribution services. We operate in two facilities with over 160,000 square feet and currently have over 70 permanent employees and operate additional temporary staffing. Fortune 100 companies and small businesses alike trust us to protect and promote their brands by outsourcing some of their processes to Ankerpak.

What makes Ankerpak different than others in your industry?

Ankerpak has built a great team of skilled individuals capable of taking on ANY job. We are able to take some of the most difficult ‘black art’ manufacturing jobs and run them effectively in our Georgia facility while competing on price with factories in China and Mexico. The result: we add value with flexibility, faster speed to market, and consistent quality.

Why did you partner with Southern States Bank?

Southern States took the time to get to know Ankerpak and understand our business.  To outsiders looking in we can look very complex.  Traditional bankers wanted to see the product more clearly.  Ankerpak’s innovations are not in the products that we make they are in the process and services that we provide to our customers.  Southern States understood us and didn’t over complicate anything.  Now our ROI is growing for Ankerpak and for the SSB. We love our relationship with our bankers.  It’s really that simple!

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