Our Common Sense Banking Solutions

At Southern States Bank, our biggest priority is our relationship with you, the banking customer.

We have people come into our bank branches every week looking for advice and guidance on setting up a new checking account, changing banks completely, or just looking to change the way they manage their finances.

Kelly Moore, the Birmingham Southern States Bank Branch Manager, said her main approach with new customers is just letting them know that she is there to help them. No sales pitches.

common sense

“When you focus on making people feel comfortable and let them know that you’re just simply here to help them accomplish their financial goals and feel safe about their savings, it’s the first step to creating the type of customer experience we look for.”

At Southern States Bank we really take calling ourselves a “community bank” seriously. We are a bank that understands the value of your plans in life, and that’s why we work to provide you solutions that help further those plans the best way we can.

Many of these solutions start with our Common Sense Checking packages. With our checking you can enjoy flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind with personally tailored packages that cover just about every one of your banking needs.  See some of the features on our Common Sense Checking page.

In addition to our Common Sense Checking options, we have plenty of Common Sense Extras that our customers here enjoy. Things like free personalized online banking with direct bill pay, credit cards, and direct deposit.  We are helping our customers save time and money everyday. We even offer some financial calculators to help you figure things out. It’s just common sense.

Head on over and check out all of our other personal common sense banking perks online. Make sure to reach out to Kelly and any of our other Southern States Bank Branch Managers.

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