New Online Banking Features

To enhance our customers’ online and mobile banking experience, Southern States Bank has introduced a new tool, MyCardRules, which allows users to set up alerts, set up travel notices, turn off their cards, and activate new cards. This feature works exactly like the MyCardRules app, but it’s now within online banking itself. Customers who currently use the standalone MyCardRules app will still need to follow the steps below to set up alerts in Online and Mobile

To access MyCardRules, locate the Card Management tile on the online banking home page > click on the card you want to set up rules for > and click on the service that you want to access.

From the Manage Card tab, you can set up Alerts and Protection tools, report your card lost or stolen, and activate a new card. 

On the Alerts and Protection tab, you can set Notification Settings and indicate which Protection Options you would like to implement.

These new features will help all Southern States Bank customers more easily manage their banking relationships via Online and Mobile Banking.