Mobile Banking – Security in a Digital World

Mobile Banking – Security in a Digital World

We live in a technical world where smartphones have redefined convenience. We live in a world where we can make a deposit to our checking account without ever leaving our house. We live in a world where we can purchase movie tickets and skip the line and where we can stay connected to the people we love. We live in a world where our smartphones have become our lifelines.

However, that convenience is sometimes coupled with fear; fear that our bank account will be hacked or that our credit card will be skimmed or that risk of malware infecting our connection to the world. Banks go to great lengths to protect customer information and go above and beyond to ensure a secure network so that this type of threat or risk can be avoided. Because of the technology banks offer, we have to stay abreast of anything and everything that would pose a threat and keep our cyber security at the highest level at all times.

Mobile Banking

Computer World reports that people use mobile banking services on average 24 times per month versus visiting a branch about 2 times per month. However, research suggests that concern about mobile security is why some people have not adopted mobile banking. It is only natural that we have these doubts or concerns and nothing is full-proof, but you can rest assured that we take the necessary steps to ward off cyber theft and we actively monitor account activity for suspected fraud.

We also partner with IT security companies to ensure that we have installed the most up-to-date sophisticated computer systems. It’s our job to protect your money, service your banking needs and offer technology and services so you are able to manage your banking with little interruption in your life.

Mobile banking is by far one of the coolest, most convenient, and in some cases, the safer way to bank. A check left in a mailbox is more at risk for identity theft than depositing that same check via mobile banking. A perfect example is of a recent case where criminals were stealing checks out of mailboxes, recreating and copying those stolen checks and enlisting someone to go cash them by paying them $100. Luckily we know our customers and stay abreast of such type of activity and are in the position to help protect your accounts and monitor account activity with advanced technology.

So, while it is only natural to have some worry, we are here to help educate you and help you adopt the idea of mobile banking so that we can keep you moving forward in this technical world. For more information on our mobile banking, visit our website at and/or download our mobile app from the Apple or Google store for free. Or you can call one of our locations and ask about our mobile banking with remote deposit anywhere and get mobile today!