4 Tips For Safe Holiday Shopping

With the holiday season right around the corner, you are probably compiling a list of people you need to shop for and things you need to buy. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people will — and should be — getting most of their holiday shopping done online to avoid large crowds in stores. While online shopping is an extremely safe measure to take during the pandemic, it’s important to also be aware of the risks brought on by online shopping. Here are four tips for safe holiday shopping online.

1. Use Secure WiFi

The best place to do your online holiday shopping is from the comfort of your own home. Why? A secure WiFi network, like your personal network, is essential for cyber safety. Don’t make purchases on public WiFi as they are easily exposed to people trying to steal your information. If you have to make a purchase away from your home, set up your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot in order to have a secure connection.

2. Watch Out For Email Offers

During the holiday season, many retailers will send seasonal sales offers, coupon codes and more. But before you open these emails, make sure you know where they are coming from. Just because an offer is enticing doesn’t mean it’s safe to open. Instead, visit the company’s website to confirm the offer.


3. Be Safe With Your Debit And Credit Card Info

You don’t want your credit or debit card info to get into the hands of others. Southern States Bank now offers a safe solution by allowing customers to have Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for their debit cards. This will allow you to securely store your financial information. A digital wallet will keep your banking details safe and hidden from anyone trying to get a hold of your information.

4. Have Full Control Of Your Cards

It’s important to have full control over all your debit and credit card transactions. Southern States Bank also offers an easy-to-use mobile application called MyCardRules, which allows customers to manage all of your card transactions right from your mobile device. This added protection will give you peace of mind while you continue to do your shopping.