June 22, 2017

Southern States Featured Business -Dotedison

we provide a smarter marketing solution that saves our clients time and money without sacrificing resultsJason Hamer

A little about dotedison.

We have years of experience in marketing and technology. We were seeing print, digital and even promotional companies all focusing on selling a product instead of solving problems. After a year of fighting it, we decided in 2017 to start helping small business owners get back to the basics of marketing. We assist our clients to focus on a clear message and on their audience, while maximizing their budget.

What makes dotedison different than others in your industry?

We have a holistic approach towards marketing. What does that mean? We focus less on the platform or product (both important) and more on the message and audience’s needs and wants. The goal of any print, digital or promotional company is to sell a product, of course. But here at dotedison, we are sure to keep your message consistent, on point and clear for your audience while still providing the best bang for your buck with each product. We see ourselves as an extension of your business, and we always have that in the forefront of our minds.

Why did you partner with Southern States Bank?

This is a very easy answer – CUSTOMER SERVICE! We are not just saying that – Southern States Bank set up everything for us and we were ready to go before our other option even called us back! We are running a business, which takes time, so we don’t have time to spend a full afternoon at the bank or wait five to seven days for a debit card. Southern States Bank is quick, efficient, and the customer service has truly remained amazing since the beginning.